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The Student Digital Creativity Festival started as a festival for the presentations of student projects done during Computer Science Projects. It took place in Heraklion in April 2011 and was met with success. The 2nd Student Digital Creativity Festival took place in April 2012 in Iraklion again.

From 2012 the organizational committee of the fesival suggested the organization of the festival in other places all over Greece, and so the 3rd Student Digital Creativity Festival was held on 19th and 20th of April 2013 in Iraklion, Agrinio, Alexandroupoli, Corfu, Larisa, Mytilini, Rhodes and Chania. More than 4100 students, from 265 schools participated in the local festivals. The festival was held under the aegis of the Greek Ministry of Education. Moreover, the festival cooperates withe the student exhibition , taking place in Chania (ekthesi-mathitikis-dimiourgias.blogspot.gr) .

In 2014 the 4rd Student Digital Creativity Festival was held with great success in Iraklion, Agrinio, Kalamata, Corfu, Larisa, Mytilini,Xanthi, Patras, Rhodes and Chania. 5792 students from 330 schools presented 609 projects from 3rd till 5th April 2013.

The 5th Student Digital Creativity Festival was held with great success (7160 students, 914 teachers from over 500 schools

presented 806 projects ) in Iraklion, Agrinio, Kalamata, Corfu, Larisa, Mytilini,Xanthi, Patras, Rhodes Chania and Ioannina. 

More info on the previous years (in greek only)