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Terms & Conditions

The projects should be created by students in the ICT courses at primary or secondary schools. Moreover, participations implemented as projects in the "Project" course, or as a result of correlation with other courses or activities are more than welcome.

For a project to participate in the Students' Digital Creation Festival , an ICT teacher must coordinate/participate in it.


(a) A short presentation (up to 8 minutes) must be made by the students during the festival

(b) A team of students and their ICT Teacher must be present at the festival area for at least 2-3h, so that they can show their project.

(c) A laptop/computer  (provided by the school) must be available at the festival area. The full project must be installed In the laptop/computer.

(d) Info/photos/links on the project have to be uploaded in the local site of the festival

Schools from all over Greece are welcome in our Festival. However, costs of transfer and stay cannot be covered by the Festival

The Students' Digital Creation Festival is not a competition, but every participation is awarded!