Computing At School Festival

Computing at School Festival ( is a computing teachers’ initiative that brings together thousands of students in Greece who express themselves through computing.

Computing teachers, in primary and secondary schools, during the whole school year, help their students to make animations, movies and digital artifacts, to program computers, mobile devices and robots.

Therefore students are no more ICT consumers. They become creators through Computing.

Our event is not a competition. It is a festival. That means every student that participates is a winner. Students they don’t have to compete, rather they cooperate. There is no stress to win.

Perhaps, that is why every year nearly 7000 students collaborate, create and present their digital work.

The event is also a free, open to society event and tens of thousands visit it.

Computing at School Festival brings together students and their teachers with University students and teachers, Research Institutes and related NGO’s for the same good reasons:

  • to celebrate children’s digital creativity and
  • make children comprehend their world and build their own digital future

That’s why in the Festival, apart from presentation of students’ work, there are also workshops, demos and a few speeches.

It is organized by computing teachers and school advisors and supported by local authorities.

We believe that we have shown that there is a way to foster project-based learning and creativity in STEM Education using curriculum activities along with extra-curriculum activities.

We believe that the students that participate in the Festival through computing curriculum and project-based learning

  • become digital competent
  • understand the digital aspects of our world better
  • acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes for a positive and sustainable
  • development of technology
  • develop attitudes of a responsible citizen

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